Стихи на английском языке для детей тема: моя семья

моя семья

My family

I have a mother,
I have a father,
I have a sister,
I have a brother,
I love my mother,
I love my father,
I love my sister,
I love my brother.



I have a father,
I have a mother,
I have a sister,
I have a brother,
Father, mother,
Sister, brother
Hand in hand
With one another.


My Mother

Who said «Good night»
When I was a child?
My Mother.
Who dressed my dolls in clothers so gay
And showed me often how to play?
My Mother.
Who ran to help me when I fell?
My Mother.
Who sits at my head when I am in bed?
My mother.



That is your mother,
I agree she is fine.
You love your mother
And I love mine.


Grandmas and Grandpas

Grandmas and Grandpas
are everything nice.
Like presents and candy
and raspberry ice.
And chocolate fudge sundaes,
with cherries on top.
And popcorn and peanuts
and grape soda pop.
In winter or summer,
in rain or in sun,
Grandmas and Grandpas
are wonderful fun!


What have you?

One morning Nick says,
«Let’s play»I have».
What have you, Dan?»
Dan say’s, «I have a bird,
I have a bird-house.
I have a book, I have a pen».
And what have you, Ann?
Ann say’s, «I have many toys.
I have a little table
And a little chair.
I have a little bed for my little cat.»
Then Dan say’s,
«Mother, what have you?»
And mother say’s,
I have Dan and I have Ann!»
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